Sunday, July 29, 2007

Skipper of Reunions

My 20-year high school reunion took place in Houston last night at a hotel in the Galleria - a highly appropriate venue I was once kicked out of by a rent-a-cop after accusing him of selectively enforcing the mall's no-loitering policy against kids with sideways haircuts.

I initially felt like I should don some dressy casual duds and attend, but my enthusiasm waned as the calendar filled up and my desire for weekend tranquility asserted itself. I enjoy meeting new people and catching up with old acquaintances, but I find "working the room" often leaves me feeling exhausted.

Besides, the lawn needs mowing, the carpet needs vacuuming and I have writing to do. The great thing about excuses is that they always appear in droves right when you need them.

Although my social trepidation is something I'd do well to challenge more often, I decided it was really no less lame to do things like high school reunions just because I "should."

How's that for a rationalization? Hooray for being less lame!

I did order a copy of the reunion book, though.


David Wyatt said...

Look at it this way: 20 more years don't make all of those people any more worth spending time with. I always figured that I stayed in touch with the people that mattered. Sucks to the rest of them.

Karla said...

I went because I thought I should.

I really shouldn't have.

And it's true, you DO stay in touch with the ones that matter.

Anonymous said...

You neither Greg? I was holed up in Bentonville Arkansas, taking depositions of Wal-Mart, my state's biggest corporate tax, err, alleged cheat. I didn't realize the reunion took place until I read your post. I guess I would've liked to see if our old journalism teacher was still around. Aside from that, well, not much.

Take care,