Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Docs Deferring HPV Vaccine for Poorly-Insured Patients

Here’s another reason why I’m in favor of universal, single-payer health care in America. The Washington Post reports some doctors are refusing to give their patients the HPV vaccine because their insurance company’s reimbursement rates aren’t high enough.

This familiar cycle of pitting doctors against insurance carriers against drug companies is fruitless because the entire American health care system is hopelessly bloated on low-value administrative and marketing functions. Who do you think ultimately pays for those high-heeled, short-skirted drug reps wheeling free box lunches into your doctor’s office at noon?

As a state employee, I’m much less afraid of not being able to choose any doctor I want (which I realistically can’t afford to do now anyway) under universal health care than I am of the nickel-and-diming Republicans in the state legislature watering down my health coverage in order to offset revenue loss created by granting property tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy.

While we’re at it, why should your employer even have anything to do with your health insurance? Can you imagine how many soul-sucking, economy-draining man-hours are being squandered away at this very second by people who are only staying in their current jobs to hold on to health coverage? What a huge goddamn waste of time and potential.

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