Friday, May 11, 2007

Captain Smoothe Sails Again!

We interrupt this shame spiral for a shameless exercise in self-promotion…

If you missed the Yacht Rock/Captain Smoothe extravaganza at the Alamo Drafthouse back in September, fret no longer. On Friday, May 18, one week from today, Captain Smoothe will take to the high seas (okay, Lake Austin) aboard a vintage party vessel to perform all your nautically-themed soft rock favorites from the Seventies.

This will be my first-ever performance in motion and not on terra firma. The only thing that could possibly be more exciting than this would be if I was singing while weightless aboard NASA’s famed Vomit Comet.

Best of all, the cast of the side-splittingly hilarious Yacht Rock will be there in person, including J.D. Ryznar (Michael McDonald), Hunter Stair (Kenny Loggins), Hollywood Steve and Koko! You’ll never experience Yacht Rock in a more appropriate setting than this.

The ship sets sail at 7pm on a three (or four) hour tour. There’s a two froofy drink minimum, but you won’t mind that at all. Purchase tix here.

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