Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rainy Days and Bloody Noses

Woke up (relatively) early this morning to review the Black Angels' 12:50 set. A downpour hit Zilker just before they took the stage. It was nice while it lasted, but the resulting humidity was anything but. Nevertheless, the Angels put on a good show. Ditto for Bay City's Jones Family Singers, who got the gospel tent rocking.

Apparently Ben Kweller doesn't read this blog or he would've known to take some allergy medication before playing yesterday. As it was, an allergy-related double nosebleed stopped his show just a few songs in. There's not much you can do to soldier through a set when there's blood gushing out your nostrils.

I'm about to head back out to catch the Flaming Lips and Tom Petty. T.P. is the first act since REM in 2003 I've cared enough about to stay until the very end of ACL. I've seen Petty twice before, but not since 1986, and I hear this is his last full-scale tour. I guess ol' Mudcrutch is getting on up there just like the rest of us.

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