Friday, September 22, 2006

No Boxcutters, No Liquids, No Dudes Kissing

American Airlines has a longstanding reputation as a gay-friendly company, but that didn't stop one of their trans-Atlantic flights from nearly being diverted last month after some paste-eater(s) on board got their diapers in a pinch because two men were kissing.

Certainly there's such a thing as taking public displays of affection too far when you're riding in a common conveyance, but any kiss that honeymooning heteros can engage in should be fair game for same sex couples, too.

One time I was on a plane and the woman seated next to me started talking about how I needed to give my life to Jesus. I happen to think unsolicited proselytizing is obnoxious and offensive, but it wasn't putting me or the aircraft in any danger, so I wasn't about to go whine to the flight attendants just to preserve my sensibilities.

If I can sit through being witnessed to without having the pilot threaten to divert the plane, then surely the Friends of Leviticus can live with having to watch two guys kiss each other. If not, perhaps they should just keep their feet on the ground until the Rapture comes.

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