Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here's Scratch Acid In Yer Eye

My elongated feature on Scratch Acid came out on the cover of today's Chron. Some lovely illustrations accompany the story, including a band photo featuring a nude-but-tucked David Yow from back in the day. Much like Iggy Pop, whatever outrageous stunt you think of pulling as a frontman, Yow has probably already done it.

The original draft of this story was about 5,000 words, so I had to trim some good stuff. Most memorable was Hickoids singer Jeff Smith's account of how he and Yow used to greet each other in front of Club Foot by rubbing plaque off their teeth and putting it in each other's mouths. Having seen both men perform, I don't doubt that for a second.

I can't wait to see Scratch Acid on Saturday night. Scratch Acid plays around 11pm with Gorch Fock opening around 9:30. Tickets are still available, but I'd definitely get 'em in advance to be sure. Your Scratch Acid stamp also gets you into a late show by porn rap pioneer Blowfly at 12:30 in Emo's Lounge.

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Kat said...

really nice story, GB! makes me wish for a longer oral history of Austin punk (and offshoots(. THAT's a great book waiting to be written...