Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Grace Slick Taught Me to Count

These animated "Jazz Spies" counting segments on Sesame Street were my favorite part of the show. I remember rocking back and forth and singing along whenever they came on. I didn't learn that I was listening to Grace Slick singing until years later.

As the Seventies wore on, these psychedelic beauties were gradually phased out in favor of the better-known "Pinball" counting animation with vocals provided by the Pointer Sisters.

In addition to finding this on You Tube, I made it to ZOOM: Lost and Found last night at the Alamo Drafthouse and got to meet original ZOOMer Tommy White after the show.

All in all, a banner day indeed for reliving my television past.


shean said...

I had no idea Grace Slick sung that song. It was one of my favorites. I always loved the spy vs. spy guys counting and had all of the vintage books up until my son was 8 I found them on Ebay. I wish I would have saved them now. Also PBS was my best friend in the 70's and I miss watch the cool Zoomer's the newer version just isn't like it used to be.

Leslie said...

Have you seen Chad's blog on the pinball animation? Between the two of you, I have really relived a happy time in my life watching PBS