Thursday, August 10, 2006

Friendly Skies, My Ass

I'm glad the Brits managed to foil the alleged terror plot to take out ten airliners over the Atlantic. I don't take anything the Bush administration says about terrorism at face value, and it's certainly not out of character for them to sound the threat alarm whenever ill political winds blow, but there's no evidence at this point to suggest this wasn't a legitimate threat.

Hopefully this carry-on liquid ban won't last forever. Those airport concessionaires selling $2.50 soft drinks beyond the security checkpoints must be creaming at the potential windfall. And even those drinks can't be taken on the plane.

I wonder how much longer will it be before one of these fundie cretins tries to blow up a plane with a kiestered explosive? That's when the real party starts. I can easily imagine taking my nonexistent kids to Disney World in ten years and having to tell them to pretend the TSA finger probe is just another ride.

Oliver Stone sure drew a great opening weekend for World Trade Center, didn't he? See ya at the movies!

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