Thursday, August 24, 2006

CNN: The "C" Doesn't Stand for Context

With large swaths of New Orleans still in ruins, it's going to be tough for the Bush administration put a positive spin on the first anniversary of the Katrina disaster, but give 'em credit for trying.

The midday news bobbleheads were all atwitter yesterday about a Hurricane Katrina victim named Rockey Vaccarella (cue Bill Conti fanfare) who showed up at the White House towing a FEMA trailer and was invited inside for an audience with our gracious leader.

Rockey was presented as just your average everyday hurricane victim - a guy who decided to roll up to the White House hauling a trailer and was granted admission. Just like that!

While Vaccarella did ride out the storm by holding on to a rope for four hours, what the media didn’t report is that he’s also a former GOP commissioner’s court candidate from St. Bernard Parish. That’s sort of important to know when he goes on TV to gush effusively about what a great job the Bush administration has done to rebuild Louisiana.

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