Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Short Term Sperm Berm

Researchers in Los Angeles are testing a hormonal contraceptive that suppresses sperm production while allowing men to recover fertility after 3-4 months. Although it is still years away from market, an injected or implanted male contraceptive might be just the ticket for guys who want to avoid impregnating anyone without resorting to the big snip. The downside is that it may create a disincentive to using condoms, which could lead to higher rates of HIV and other STDs.


LaMuerta said...

I have to say -- as happy as the thought of men taking on some responsibility in that arena makes me, I'd never trust a man to keep ME from ending up PREGNANT. Especially with abortion rights under attack.

Kind of an "in theory" vs. "reality" thing.

Greg said...

If I was a woman, I wouldn't trust a man to keep me from getting pregnant, either. If you're a man, there's something to be said for not winding up a dad against your will, too.