Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Eggman Cometh

Scrambled eggs, all my troubles seem so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Still I believe in scrambled eggs

-Paul McCartney

If you like scrambled eggs with Tabasco sauce as much as I do, you'd better get over to your Austin area H-E-B before June 6. They have an in-store coupon right now that entitles you to a dozen Grade AA eggs for nothing if you purchase a five-ounce bottle of Tabasco original pepper sauce or chipotle pepper sauce. Seeing as how I'd buy those two things even without the enticement of a coupon, I feel this is a really fine-ass deal.

Incidentally, the good people of Avery Island, Louisiana suggest you make Tabasco scrambled eggs by adding the sauce before you beat the eggs. I prefer to just douse my eggs with Tabasco after they're cooked.

1 comment:

snax said...

You just reminded me how my dad would always add tomato sauce before beating the eggs. Imagine my surprise the first time I had scrambled eggs that weren't ORANGE!
I add Aztexan beforehand to disperse the heat.