Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Astroworld in the Early Seventies

As the demolition of Astroworld nears completion, here's a quick peek back in time at what the lost Houston amusement park looked like in the early Seventies. The six-minute reel includes footage of the Alpine Sleigh Ride, the River of No Return (once operated by a young Daniel Johnston!), the Wagon Wheel, Le Taxi and the Astrowheel.


LaMuerta said...

How I loved the Wagon Wheel. And the Black Dragon. Oh, such fond memories. Sniff.

Karla said...

Dem's were the days....I remember my brother driving for the first time on the taxi ride, he was, like, three, and now look at him! Race car driver!

I am going to assume it is NOT ironic that my verification word is WRECRK.

Kilian said...

It's time to rent Robert Altman's Brewster Mccloud, a great movie in its own right but for Houstonians of certain generations it is time travel. It's set on the south loop mainly at the Astrodome but Bud Cort's character does go to Astroworld, around the same time this footage was taken.

I think the 8th Wonder might be next. Houston doesn't live with its ghosts for long.

Mark said...

You should check out Astroworld.CC for further fixes. Good stuff.