Sunday, May 21, 2006

K-Y for the 2K

The K-Y family of personal lubricants (click through for valuable coupons!) has come a long way since the days when its overly viscous, medically-oriented jelly ruled the roost. Nowadays they're going after the higher-end water-based lube market once left to Astroglide and Wet with a wispier, more sensualized presentation.

To that end, K-Y just introduced a mistable lubricant as well as a line of massage lotions with exotic names like Paris Twilight and Malibu Sunrise. Because the constant rollout of new products is apparently the only way to keep a brand fresh, I imagine we'll be seeing even more lotion varieties in the not-too-distant future, including:

1. Bangkok Mist
2. Tijuana Taxi
3. Stockholm Syndrome
4. Minnesota Nice
5. Alone in Albuquerque
6. Hamburg Handy
7. Big D Butter Queen
8. Mississippi Goddam
9. Scranton Santorum
10. Cleveland Steam


Anonymous said...

I'll have to stock some of those when I open my store for consignment store for "gently used" sex toys, "Second Coming". I just need to find a autoclave.

Hey, even people on a budget need to enjoy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Last time I used the "Cleveland Steam" I ended up with small, painless sores on my no-no parts. They went away, but now I have this rash.