Saturday, January 22, 2005

Two Tickets to Paradise?

Once again, a nasty stomach virus strikes a cruise ship, turning at least 250 vacations of a lifetime into nightmares. The Norwalk-like virus aboard Royal Carribean's Mariner of the Seas has been traced to a passenger who was sick prior to the cruise but probably wasn't too thrilled about flushing a non-refundable cruise ticket down the bog along with his or her lunch. The stricken ship discharges its 3,465 guests at Port Canaveral, Florida tomorrow.

It's stories like these that keep me the hell away from cruise ships. I think I'd enjoy the nonstop food and plethora of on-board activities quite a bit, but my barely-repressed emetophobia would get the best of me if people started barfing left and right (not to mention up and down). Even a minor outbreak of seasickness among fellow passengers would probably be enough to keep me in my cramped interior cabin for the rest of the trip. That's a lot of SpectraVision, people.

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