Monday, January 31, 2005

Delta Closes DFW Hub

Today is a sad day at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport as Delta Air Lines finishes closing its long-time hub operation there. While Delta hasn't been able to compete effectively with American Airlines at DFW for many years, at least they provided a modicum of choice for Texas travelers. With bankruptcy looming just over the horizon, Delta really had no choice but to shift resources out of DFW to fortify its less-competitive hubs in Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Cincinnati.

Though the difference between American and Delta is slight, I always found service to be a little better on Delta. Unfortunately, it's hard to fly them out of Austin these days without winding up on a cramped regional jet. Those are okay for a short hop to DFW, but going all the way to Salt Lake City could get tedious. Hopefully they'll bring back some more mainline jets if the economy shapes up.

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