Friday, January 07, 2005

2004 Top Tens

For someone who grew up with an unhealthy obsession for "The Book of Lists," I don't enjoy doing year-end Top Ten lists. The air of finality stresses me out. Nevertheless, here are my Top Ten Texas and National picks from this week's Austin Chronicle.

There was plenty of good music in 2004, but nothing stood out for me as much as OutKast did in 2003. That snipe aside, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by Green Day's American Idiot and Brian Wilson's SMiLE, but they've both grown on me with repeated spins.

20/20 bassist turned Austinite Ron Flynt got my nod for best local recording with the autobiographical pop song-cycle, L.A. Story. Originally from Tulsa, 20/20 became one of L.A.'s biggest bands in the late 70s on the strength of new wave-flavored pop gems like "Yellow Pills" and "Remember the Lightning." L.A. Story uses 20/20's rise and fall to illustrate a more universal theme of coming to terms with life's unfulfilled expectations. Flynt's sharp-eared pop intuition keeps ambition in check just enough to make the whole thing work. Highly recommended for power poppers young and old alike.

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