Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"The Audio Kitchen"

When I was a kid, I entertained myself for many hours by yammering into a tape deck as though I was on the radio. It was sometimes a lonely pursuit, but I now know I was just one of many closet entertainers playing to an audience of none. Otherwise, there's no way a real radio program like WFMU's "The Audio Kitchen" would've come into existence.

Aired for 16 weeks in 2003, "The Audio Kitchen" played found homemade recordings of fake radio shows, discarded demos, religious sing-alongs, audio letters between teen-agers, bitter divorcees drunkenly talking smack about their ex spouses and much more. Host The Professor gathered an entertaining array of aural detritus from thrift stores, garage sales and an informal network of found sound traders. It's a cheeky thrill indeed to eavesdrop on the slivers of detatched lives represented in these recordings.

Click here for the Real Audio archive of "The Audio Kitchen."


Anonymous said...

Someone must bring this show back on the air! I have the following to offer:

* An 18-year-old me attempts to speak the first dozen lines of the Beowulf in Old English. Flip side: I mangle the opening lines of The Canterbury Tales.

* Me and my best friend at the time complain bitterly over brunch at Baker's Square about our respective jobs in America's Retail Wonderland (circa 1993).


Dermott said...

reminds me of this site
and that I hope my early jam box recording sessions never surface. Mark Mentality and I used to ping songs back and forth between two jam boxes to lay multiple tracks. We had an epic song which somehow merged social revolution with the virgin mary - that's what catholic school will do to you.