Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rant from a Future Reverse Snowbird

Say what you will about gloomy gray skies and daily flash flood warnings, but I already miss our insane summer rains.

August is kicking my ass and we haven't even broken the century mark yet. The fact that my car's AC is fritzed out certainly doesn't help matters.

Like most native Texans, I'll take blazing heat over bitter cold any day. There's definitely something to be said for non-work days spent lollygagging around town in a sweaty T-shirt and shorts ensemble, just letting yourself "become one" with the heat.

Unfortunately, I'm finding it harder to go with this line of thought as I age. The heat seems to be getting to me more and more with each passing summer.

I'm normally not given to publicly airing my life goals because I don't want to have to hold myself publicly accountable in the event I fail to reach them, but I aspire to spend the Augusts of my September years someplace far away from Texas. A Minnesota lake house would do fine, but I'd just as gladly invest in a time-share trailer somewhere in rural Alberta if that's what it takes.


caro said...

The only problem with Alberta in the summer is that it's just as hot as Texas without the air conditioning. Head for the coast of BC or cottage country in Ontario. The weather is much much more accommodating for a reverse snowbird.

Greg said...

Good advice - clearly I need to do some additional research into the climatic patterns of our neighbors to the north.