Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kate's Favorite Smells

I don’t remember how Kate and I wound up discussing odor during last night’s post-supper conversation, but I’ll never forget that this was when she decided to reveal her list of favorite smells to me. I'm lucky she happened to have her Powerbook when the talk turned noseward.

Having no list of my own favorite smells to share, I began rattling off some of my own scents of choice. I was surprised how excited this made me.

Then we decided to slap the whole thing on the Internet because I can’t think of anything better to write about today.

My contributions are the ones with a “G” next to them.

1. Cellars
2. Freshly cut grass
3. Ice cream shops
4. Teak
5. Tire stores (G)
6. Peaches (G)
7. Fiberglass, or the way a boatyard smells
8. Wet trees in the woods after it rains
9. Chocolate
10. New car smell (G)
11. Bubblegum
12. The smell of freshly fried foods (G)
13. Fenway Park
14. Pipe smoke
15. A storm right before the rain comes
16. The pages of old books
17. Freshly ground coffee
18. The ocean
19. My Grandma's kitchen
20. Wood smoke on a cold autumn day (this is more applicable in New England)
21. Wet leaves in the fall
22. Rain
23. Lily of the valley flowers
24. Henry the cat’s tummy
25. Cheese shops
26. Horses (*not* horse shit)
27. Cookouts
28. Bakeries (G)
29. Underground T stops in Boston, especially the red line
30. The Menger Hotel in San Antonio (G)


Anonymous said...

When is Ron Titter's Barry Manilow tribute album coming out? If you've got room for original material, I'm working on a song called, "You look as nice as a kitty's tummy smells."

Melanie said...

My favorite smell is Colorado.

Greg said...

I didn't include smells of sexual nature, but I must confess to enjoying the scent of a woman's undeodorized armpit as well.