Monday, June 11, 2007

"Becoming" Lisa Cameron

Glass Eye was my first favorite Austin band. The first time I saw them at Liberty Lunch in April 1988 symbolized the moment at which I realized I actually lived in Austin.

Dave Cameron was Glass Eye's drummer at the time. I got to know Dave a few years later when he was in a band called the Personalities. They did something called "The Beatles Pus Medley," which was a medley of Beatles songs with the word "pus" (e.g., "All You Need is Pus.").

I didn't know Dave had gender dysphoria until 2005 when she "became" Lisa.

Of course transsexualism is not as simple as "becoming," as former Glass Eye guitarist/vocalist Kathy McCarty's interview with Cameron in this week's Chron explains.

Photo by Todd V. Wolfson

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Anonymous said...

I read this story in the Chron last week. I only thought I understood transsexualism, but I was wrong. It's a great and very enlightening read.