Saturday, April 14, 2007

Runnin' Down a Dream

My Ron Titter bandmate David Wyatt and I have decided to enter ourselves in the 23rd Annual Chuy's Hot to Trot 5K and Kid K on May 12. The run benefits Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Texas.

After enduring years of being the last kid picked for kickball, I never figured I'd do anything fitness-related as an adult. Having an athletic girlfriend is making me reevaluate my reluctance, though. I'll do this 5K thing to test the waters and consider working up to longer runs if I enjoy it.

David and I met by Town Lake around 8:30 this morning to start the conditioning process. It was surprisingly chilly and lots of trees were down from last night's windstorm. I haven't run since high school and my body was well-aware of that. Neither one of us could run for more than several minutes at a time, but hopefully we'll be in good enough shape to run the entire 5K by May 12.

I think we need a retired high school coach or an ex-Marine to follow us up and down the Town Lake trail with a bullhorn, calling us a couple of no-good pissants and questioning our sexuality when we falter. That would just about cinch it.


Andy said...

go, brother, go!

David Wyatt said...

Ah jeez - my friggin legs hurt - not to mention my blister!!

Kilian said...

wow. you took that running thing seriously. Ha ha. you have to exercise (burp).

saw J T on Thursday, surprise visit to Rudz in Houston with a really cute Dubliner. what a strange life he's living. you too. hell me too I guess. but no cute Dubliners.

I was a little brother. Thanks Stinky and Greg for giving back for me.