Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kate Tops Cancer Fundraising Goal

I'm happy and proud to report that Kate has exceeded her $4,000 fundraising goal for the Texas 4000 for Cancer ride.

Although her new job covering regional issues, transportation and health care at the Austin Business Journal precludes her from making the 70-day ride from Austin to Alaska this summer, Kate hasn't stopped raising funds for the American Cancer Society and working to support the team in other ways.

She will be riding the ATLAS ride on June 2, which is a fundraising send-off ride for the Texas 4000 team that goes from Austin (or Cedar Park, to be exact) to Lampasas. You can register for that ride here.

I fully supported Kate's ride to Alaska, but I'm glad she won't be gone for 70 days because I would've missed the hell out of her.


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Hi. You don't know me - I found one of your January posts when googling "Pancho's" and "Austin." Is there still a Pancho's in Austin? Feel free to respond to my blog, or leave a comment here on your own blog. Thanks! Oh and congrats, Katie, on your fundraising!