Monday, February 26, 2007

Ron Titter on the Northside This Friday

"Dammit, it's been too long since The Ron Titter Band played on the north side of town!" If I had a nickel for every time I'd heard a hot chick say that, I'd still be broke.

Nevertheless, we will be returning to North Austin gigdom on Friday, March 2 at the Parlor on North Loop. The Electricks start the show at 9pm, Candi & the Cavities melt our hearts (and teeth) at 10pm, then we play until they turn out the lights.

So come on out, folks. There's no cover, the pizza is hot, the beer is cheap and parking is plentiful. What better way to rock it like Davy Crockett on Texas Independence Day?

1 comment:

davidmwyatt said...

Texas Independence Day? You got another BS holiday off Beets? Motherfucker!! Oh, wait, I work for myself - never mind. I'll see you Friday morning with a Texas Independence Day cake...