Friday, February 16, 2007

Mission to Mars

Kate and I went to Mars for Valentine’s Day dinner. Despite the inevitable crowd and the fact we were seated in the line of cold wind blowing through the door, it was a memorable meal.

Choosing from the prix fixe menu, we both started with the lobster bisque and pickled ginger tuna tartar with crispy wontons. The latter dish had a very nice mix of flavors without being particularly spicy. It was quite sizable and filling, too.

We diverged on our entrée choices. Kate had the lollipop pork chop, wok fried Yukon potatoes, and grilled radicchio with a sun-dried cherry sauce, while I went with the beef tenderloin with grilled asparagus, risotto cakes, and sake demi glace. Mars’ tenderloin wasn’t quite as memorable as the Driskill Grill’s, but the risotto cakes were a nice, chewy counterpart to the beef.

For dessert, Kate had the triple mousse, consisting of milk chocolate, caramel, and cinnamon served with warm apple confit. I had Mars’ tribute to the Dreamsicle, which was Dreamsicle vanilla bean panna cotta and blood orange sorbet topped with mint granita and a white chocolate Florentine. Both were sublime. The mint granita made me feel like I was about to start tripping, or maybe that was just the wine.

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