Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Girlfriend is Worcester Famous

Kate made the front page of the sports section of her hometown newspaper in Worcester, Massachusetts!

Go there now (but bring a coat, because it's about 15 degrees outside) to read all about her upcoming Texas 4000 bike ride from Austin to Alaska this summer to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The 70-day ride is the longest annual charity bike ride on the planet. In addition to raising at least $4,000 each, the riders work to raise cancer awareness and bring hope to those fighting it. For information on how to donate to the Texas 4000, go here.

The print edition of today’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette also features this very lovely photo of Kate in front of the UT Tower.

UPDATE: Turns out Kate's pic wasn't in the print edition, which makes this photo a Beetsolonely exclusive (cue oh-Jesus-we're-going-to-die "Fox News Alert" ID)!

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Kilian said...

That's pretty cool Greg. I sometimes dream of doing a long bike ride like that. I've gone on day long bike rides before though and I can't imagine getting up the next day and hopping back on, ouch.

I'm snowed in today. That summer ride sounds tempting. Snow is beautiful though.