Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Island of Misfit Texans

My longtime work colleague Larry Cuellar has a good essay in today's Austin American-Statesman about the liberation of living the unremarkable good life in Austin after growing up gay in the Texas Panhandle.

Most every native Texan who settled in Austin after growing up maligned for their differences will easily relate. Click on through right here.

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Kilian said...

I know a fellow who moved back to Houston from Austin because he was sick of living around other white liberals.

I'd have to disagree on the "gay ghetto" stuff about Houston. The city is gay through and through.

Now the Panhandle, I imagine that would be a horrible place to come out. It's bad enough for vegetarians. Once at an Amarillo diner, Tricia was denied a breakfast without meat because, the waitress told us, no such dish appeared on the menu and there were "no substitutions." And apparently no "subtractions" either. So Tricia asked for her bacon on the side. When the food arrived, the bacon had been intentionally crammed into the scrambled eggs. To their defense, this was not long after Oprah's West Texas Beef scandal.