Friday, December 15, 2006

Taco Bueno Taps Austin

Today I received a flurry of e-mails from friends who grew up in the Texas/Oklahoma border region about a new Taco Bueno opening in early 2007 at the corner of Mopac and Slaughter.

Local franchisee EatDrink, LLC out of Texarkana has big plans for the Abilene-born, Dallas-based chain. They eventually plan to open up to 14 locations in Central Texas.

Whether Taco Bueno can steal enough market share from Taco Bell to thrive here is open for debate. There was once a Taco Bueno in Round Rock, but it closed several years ago. The chain has radically altered its concept since then, so they might do better this time around.

Negative publicity surrounding the E. coli scare at Taco Bells in the Northeast probably won't hurt, either.


Anonymous said...

In my humble consumer opinion...Are you kidding me? Have you ever eaten at Taco Bueno and compared it with Taco Bell? The reason you've probably received a flurry of emails is because people have been waiting a long anticipated while for the arrival of a Taco Bueno. The food is a higher quality fast food, with great flavor and an inexpensive price. I do not know of any previous Taco Bueno in Round Rock, but I used to drive to the one in Georgetown until it burned down. I'm looking forward to the opening of a new location locally; as I'm sure a lot of people are. " Good Food Good Meat Good God- Let's Eat!"

Anonymous said...

I also use to drive to Georgetown. I live in round rock and go to taco bell at least two times a month and would love to go to taco bueno instead. Looking forward to it opening. I live off 3406 when is the one opening off 1431?