Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DANGER: Seasonal Weather Approaching

All the people who were complaining about it being 80 degrees in Austin this past weekend are about to get their wish for seasonal holiday weather.

A big Arctic blast is headed this way as I write. Things are already nasty in the Texas Panhandle. There's even a remote chance of snow on Christmas Eve.

I wouldn't mind a little dusting of snow for Christmas. Austin hasn't had an appreciable snowfall (i.e., snow you can actually see on the ground) since 2004. I remember it snowing in Houston on Christmas Eve in 2003, too.

The more likely prospect of sleet is decidedly less cheery. You've never seen a bigger bunch of drooling nitwits than Texans trying to drive in icy weather. The resulting TV news footage of vehicles helplessly sliding into one another is almost as big an embarrassment to my home state as our president (who, incidentally, was born in Connecticut).

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