Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Love the Smell of Rotting Flesh in the Morning

Now that we’ve got our own IKEA, what else does the Austin area need to make itself a real metropolis? A 50-story skyscraper? Major league sports? Nonstop flights to Europe?

Well, how about an outdoor laboratory for the study of human decomposition?

According to Friday’s Texas Government Insider, Texas State University in San Marcos is thinking about building such a facility to allow researchers and law enforcement officials to observe the decomposition process in order to better predict approximate times of death. Only two other states – California and Tennessee – have similar laboratories.

The facility would require a six-acre tract that could be surrounded by prison fencing and monitored by video surveillance. They’ll also need a lot of Lysol.


Anonymous said...

That'd be a better field trip for the kiddies than the ones we used to get to the ButterKrust bakery.

We got samples at the bakery. I wonder what kind of samples they could hand out at the body farm.

It's still a better use of space than the Northcross WalMart.

Anonymous said...

Samples? Jerky of course!