Monday, December 11, 2006

Houston's Channel 39 Nears 40

If you grew up in Houston in the Seventies, you probably watched KHTV Channel 39 every day after school.

In addition to Flintstones and Brady Bunch reruns, KHTV showed local shows like Don Mahoney and Jeanna Clare (a low-budget, western-themed kiddie talent show), News Before the Hour (local high school students reading the news) and, of course, Houston Wrestling with Paul Boesch (taped every Friday night at the now-demolished Sam Houston Coliseum).

KHTV stupidly changed its call letters to KHWB in 1999 to reflect its WB affiliation, which means the station had to change names again this year to KHCW.

This CW39 News clip from September 17 chronicles 40 years of Channel 39 with some great old footage from the glory days of UHF.

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shean said...

Thanks for a walk down memory lane. I used to live for Houston Wrestling and Don Mahoney and Jenna Claire. I so wanted to be on their show, but alas my talent for walking on my toes just would not cut it.