Friday, December 08, 2006

North Austin Gets Its Anglo On

Can North Austin support two cheesy Anglo-themed pub concepts right across the street from each other? With this month’s grand opening of Bagpipes Pub & Eatery right across the street from Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub & Grill at Burnet and 183, we will soon find out.

I’m baffled that Bagpipes would choose a location so close to the better-established Sherlock’s, especially in a shopping center facing away from one-way service road traffic where other restaurants have met quick and unceremonious demise. Moreover, Bagpipes is only open until midnight. Sherlock’s stays open until 2am.

On the other hand, Bagpipes has umpteen plasma TV screens and a wait staff dressed up like naughty Scottish schoolgirls, which will go a long way toward pulling in the coveted Boorish Lout demographic – at least until they get sued by the Tilted Kilt under the trade dress infringement precedent set by the 1992 Supreme Court case, Taco Cabana, Inc v. Two Pesos, Inc.

Hell, I may just pop into Bagpipes myself in the coming weeks for research purposes. Any place that has Bass Ale on tap within stumbling distance of my home is worth a cursory visit.

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Nathan Mcginty said...

dude - that's the second time i've seen a reference to that case now.

2p forever!