Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Socialized Risk, Privatized Profit

There’s not much in American society I can’t stand more than those who decry "big government" while simultaneously bogarting the government teat as a private contractor.

A new report from the Henry Waxman-led congressional Committee on Government Reform, Minority Staff finds nearly 40 cents of every federal tax dollar now finds its way into the pockets of private companies, a record amount. Over 20% of these dollars wind up in the hands of just five companies. Longtime military-industrial complex poster child Lockheed Martin leads the way, but Halliburton’s share of federal pie has increased over 600% between 2000 and 2005. I wonder how that happened?

Government bureaucracy is a giant maze of inertia that often impedes efficiency, and there are instances when citizens might be better served by a private contractor. However, the Grover Norquist-style “solution” of wantonly bidding out all government functions except law and order to corporate campaign contributors just turns tax dollars into a giant slush fund for incumbents.

In the hands of the Bush regime, this socialized risk/privatized profit scheme is nothing less than a subtle form of class warfare, resulting in reduced government services for fewer people delivered by less-compensated employees with even less oversight.

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JB said...

It seems to me like the neocons have unapologetically dropped 'small government' from their list of core values.

Waging outrageously expensive overseas wars for dubious reaons and spending gobs of money to reduce our privacy are pretty much the opposite of classic small government ideology, aren't they?

If I'm way off base here, forgive me. I never did went to the college.