Sunday, July 30, 2006

Albertson's: The Last Goodbye

Today ended the final weekend of Albertson's massive 10-store liquidation in Austin. Just about everything still left in the closing stores could be had for 95 percent off.

There wasn't much left, of course. It's pretty sad to wander through a grocery store with mostly empty aisles. It made me feel like I was in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Nevertheless, I picked up a bottle of industrial strength shower spray for 49 cents and two jars of salsa for a buck each. As an American, I had to buy something.


Kim said...

It was very apocalyptic, except everyone was being more or less polite.

Did you notice that they marked things way the hell up before marking them way way down? We got a box of special K with the "original price" of $6.50. I mean come on! In fact they marked general merchandise down to 95% when we were there, and a guy was blatantly going around retagging everything at higher original prices. What a weird insult to the intelligence.

Greg said...

I did notice the regular prices seemed abormally high, but I always thought Albertson's non-sale prices were too high.