Friday, July 21, 2006

So Long, Crestview

It's past midnight and I've finally moved enough stuff to my new house to start living there. My next-door neighbor and I made pretty quick work of it. My back's not too sore, either.

As excited as I am to move, I'm really going to miss my cozy 700 square-foot duplex. I've done some good living here and I've learned a bit about myself by doing it alone - namely that I really like living alone. The occasional bout with loneliness is more than compensated for by the tranquility. We'll see if I can continue to pull that off in a house built for a family.

I'm also going to miss living in Crestview/Brentwood, my home base for just shy of six years. I've said a lot of "hidys" and worn out a lot of shoe rubber walking out stress along this neighborhood's tree-lined streets. There was a time when I figured I'd probably grow into one of those cool stroller-pushing, dog-walking Crestview dads I frequently pass, but my fork took me someplace else. Namely, a place called Wooten.

Jeez, I sound like I'm moving to India. Time for bed.


Kim said...

Clearly, you need a dog now. Hmm ... hey, I just happen to have two pups still looking for homes!

Eh, worth a shot.

I will go figure out where Wooten is now.

booberrypancake said...

And if you want, you can always take Harry for a walk (with one of your new dogs). Harry's a chick magnet, man.