Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Smello, Neighbor!

The new lair is now connected, so here we are. Naturally, I would like to make a good first impression with my new neighbors. Unfortunately, there's something in my trash can right now that is working against me.

When I moved in, there were two pounds of what I believe to be frozen deer meat in the freezer. Although I like venison just fine, I had no idea how long it had been there and I would've felt a little weird eating someone else's meat, so to speak. I decided I'd better just throw it out.

A thinking person would've thrown it out the day before trash pick-up, but I tossed it almost an entire week before my next trash day. Putrefication and teeming colonies of maggots were in full effect by Saturday morning. The side of my house smelled like someone had died unattended in the hot sun. I decided to remedy the situation by putting the offending meatstuffs in Zip-loc bags and dousing the surrounding area with disinfectant, but that was no match for the gag-inducing stench.

It doesn't seem to smell as badly today, but that's probably just a function of me getting used to it. Now I'm worried a possum is going to come along and be poisoned by the rancid, disinfectant-soaked meat, which will only compound my odor problems. And that is how I'm introducing myself to the neighborhood.

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