Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Buzz on Foleyvision

My former Hey! Hey! Buffet! and Peenbeets co-conspirator Buzz Moran (center) discusses his Foleyvision productions of the Turkish and Indian versions of Superman on the most recent edition of Weekend America, which airs coast to coast over NPR. Foleyvision's Shannon McCormick, Chad Nichols and L.B. Deyo are also interviewed. To listen online, click here and scroll down to "A Superman for All Nations."

For those not familiar, Foleyvision shows movies with live dialogue, sound effects and music in place of the actual soundtrack. Buzz and his troupe did a particularly "bang-up" job with a vintage 70s porn movie at the Alamo Drafthouse a few years back. However, they wound up having to cut all the money shots at the last minute so as not to run afoul of the booze fascists at TABC.

They'll be presenting both the Indian and Turkish versions of Superman on July 9 and July 30 at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown.

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