Thursday, June 02, 2005

Two Men and a Chinese Garden

The weather situation in Vancouver yesterday was much better. Blue skies, mild temps and no rain. Kevin and I lunched on a park bench overlooking the marina and took a quick tour of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. It’s the first Ming Dynasty scholar’s garden constructed outside of China. You have to take the tour to get an idea of what everything in the garden means. After all, those Ming-era designers didn’t have time to throw shit up all willy-nilly.

We left Vancouver right at rush hour, but despite not having any freeways in the center of town, traffic moved quite briskly along Granville Avenue and out toward the suburbs. I expected another long wait getting back into the U.S., but the border crossing only took about five minutes. The only thing that threw me is when the border guard asked Kevin and I how we knew each other. I almost said, “What is being implied here, sir?” before thinking better of the idea. No one goes home happy when you smart off to a border guard.

Today has been sort of lazy. I finished a blurb for the Chron and had lunch with my cousin. After one last night in Seattle, I’m renting a car and heading for Portland.

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