Sunday, June 19, 2005

More Wacky Cable Woes

I met up with my parents for a pre-Father's Day repast in La Grange Saturday. We had a fine old time, but they were somewhat disturbed by the foul language and angry rhetoric in the last post about my ongoing telecommunications problems. Perhaps I was a bit too colorful in expressing my exasperation. It's usually not a wonderful idea to use words that would get you booted out of Dairy Queen when yer moms is reading.

In case you don't know my parents, I wasn't raised that way. I learned all the bad words I know from cable TV. In fact, everything that's wrong with me is Time Warner's fault.

My latest plan is to call Time Warner Monday morning and tell them no one indicated my TiVo box would not work on a digital phone line. Therefore, I want to cancel the digital phone while retaining cable and Internet at the same package price I was initially quoted. Then I'm going to call Grande and try to get my old phone back as a standalone product.

While it will cost a bit more than keeping everything bundled with one company, the difference is negligible and it's the most economical work-around I can think of that gives me Time Warner's superior cable signal and an analog land line to run TiVo (not to mention use as my primary phone). If that doesn't work, I can take TiVo to a friend's house, do the initial setup on their phone, construct a home wireless network and run TiVo via broadband. Or I can just start paying $10-12/month for Time Warner's DVR, which I've heard is sorely lacking compared to TiVo.

I'll let you know how things turn out with Time Warner and Grande, and I'll do my right darnedest not to use to swear words when doing that unless I absolutely have to.


wes said...

All I can say is, thank god for DishNetwork.

Greg said...

After all this, I'm pretty sure I'll be switching to satellite if I ever buy another house.

Karla said...

With all due respect to your family, cable sucks ass world wide.
You would not believe what we are going through right now to even GET cable at our new flat. It seems nobody serves that building. What, do people not watch TV there?
Plus we get to pay over $100 cancellation fee for cable we won't EVEN SEE at the old place. And we can't get through on the phone to the ADSL provider to transfer or cancel that service, as they apparently have one guy answering the phones and 30 people waiting.
Then try to do it all in Norwegian.
Can I borrow your jam jars filled with gas? I know gas is expensive right now, but I wanna lob a few at Nextgentel and Canal Digital.

Kat said...

FYI: after all this Grande vs. Time Warner talk, I posted to our neighborhood e-mail list here in Cherrywood, wondering how many folks were experiencing the dreaded Grande Dropsy. MANY, as it turns out -- but one sufferer picked up the ball and let Grande knew how many of us were complaining. Apparently, they knew what was going on -- some major piece of equipment was dying -- and have replaced it. Time will tell if it's a permanent solution, and of course it should have been done months ago. . . but at least they listened, when the complaints reached a critical mass, and they knew we were talking amongst ourselves about returning to Time Warner. Interesting.