Thursday, June 09, 2005

In-N-Out Coming to Texas?

On my way to turn in the Mustang (sniff) at Oakland's airport yesterday, I spied a brand new In-N-Out Burger as I was exiting the Nimitz Freeway. It was only 10:30am, but of course I had to stop. In-N-Out serves nothing but burgers and fries. Their burgers are made from fresh ground chuck, their buns aren't infected with preservatives, and their lettuce, tomatoes and fries are cut in the store. Some folks are weirded out by the company's religious leanings (you'll find chapter and verse numbers in small print on the paper cups and burger wrappers), but they walk the walk by giving their employees decent wages and benefits. Even Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, gives In-N-Out a thumbs-up.

So I'm ordering my Double Double Combo when I notice some In-N-Out logo stickers by the counter. I love their logo design, so I ask if they're free and the manager hands me several. I tell him I'll hand them out in Texas and he says In-N-Out will be coming to Texas soon.

If this is true, it's great news for the Texas fast food scene. In-N-Out is a private, family-owned business that historically hasn't taken expansion lightly. To date, they've only gone as far east as Phoenix. Moving into Texas would probably involve construction of a new commissary to ensure freshness. They would definitely give Whataburger a run for their money.

I've sent an informal e-mail to corporate headquarters in Irvine to see if I can get any further confirmation of this delicious assertion. You'll know what I know when I know it.


Dan Dunn said...

I went to the In'n'Out link that was included in your blog, wondering if it was the same outfit that runs Tasty In'n'Out in Lincoln, NE. (I thought that was a one-of, and it is.) Anyway, while I was looking around the site, I found this masterful piece of writing, which I thought you'd appreciate:

As Chairman of the Board, H. Guy Snyder, (the H. stands for Harry, named after his father). . . .

Somebody did a really nice job with that--communicating the facts while obfuscating the fact that the CEO of the fast-food chain is named 'Harry Guy.'

Anonymous said...

When I lived in CA, most In-N-Out bumper stickers were rearranged to spell "In-N-Out Urge." Did you see any cars that had that on their bumper?


Greg said...

I didn't see the "urge" thing, but I'll probably end up doing that myself now that you told me!