Saturday, June 18, 2005

Friday Night Meltdown

My cable conundrum has degenerated into a bona fide clusterfuck. Switching back to Time Warner resolved the shitty TV signal issue I was having with Grande, but because their digital phone system is voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP), I can no longer connect to TiVo to download program information. This renders my TiVo box (and the $300 lifetime service contract) worthless.

I've wasted the entire evening figuring this out and I'm about ready to start filling jelly jars with gasoline. The sanity spring is just about to pop loose and unleash a torrent of gut-rage. This is just the sort of thing that sends me right over the goddamn edge. It's a miracle I haven't actually destroyed anything. Yet.


Tim said...

If you don't have an analog phone line, you can convert your TiVo to a Wireless connection.

1) Buy a Wireless B or G broadband router for your computer. Connect this to your PC and follow the instructions for setting it up included in the box.

2) Buy a Wireless USB network adapter for your Tivo box (I use Linksys for both). I bought mine at Radio Shack, but all the electronic stores have them. Hook this up to your TiVo.

3) Go to the phone and network option in your TiVo menu (Under "Settings" I think). If you don't see this, you may need to take your TiVo to a friend's house with a phone line to set it up.

After that, no more phone line needed.

Greg said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Tim. I've been leaning toward doing a home wireless network anyway, so that's probably the most sensible long-term option for me.

uncle mark said...

Another thing you may not know my nephew, is that that your digital phone does not work with the 911 system. You might want to start throwing jelly jars.

Greg said...

Time Warner's system actually does have 911 capability, or so I'm told. I suppose I should test it to be sure, though.