Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pizza Box Affirmations

Kate and I picked up an extra large pizza from Arpeggio Grill on Airport Blvd. last Friday night. In the context of raising a newborn baby, this constitutes living it up.

I’ve always enjoyed Arpeggio Grill’s Mediterranean food, but it turns out their pizza is reasonably priced and quite tasty, too. We had the Arpeggio Pizza, which came stacked with pepperoni, sausage, red onions, black olives, Italian peppers and “extra cheese.” I put the latter in quotations since all of their pizzas come with extra cheese, which kind of muddles the notion of what constitutes “extra.” The 20-inch pie set us back $18.99. As a bonus, I got to carry it home in the artfully designed box pictured below.

“Delicious moments?” I think that’s the title of a Quiet Storm CD collection I once saw advertised on late night TV.


modernmel said...

How was it? Did it taste good? I live right by there and thought about giving their pizzas a shot.

Greg said...

It's no Home Slice, but I'd rate Arpeggio's pizza well above average. They're definitely the best option in the immediate area taste-wise, though Texas Pizza & Pasta is a bit cheaper.

Shean said...

I have found that Hoboken Pie on Red River for price is great. Found it last year going to Diggnation at Stubbs and it was better this year. We stayed not far from Airport so maybe next trip must try.