Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fave Five Food Deals - 3/17/10

The lettuce wars heat up again in this week's exciting overview of Austin's five best grocery deals.

1. Green or red leaf lettuce, .49/ea. at Sun Harvest (through 3/24/10)

2. Broccoli crowns, .77/ea. at H-E-B (through 3/23/10)

3. 10 lb. bag of Russet potatoes, $1.49 at H-E-B (through 3/23/10)

4. Blackberries, 5.6-oz. package, .98/ea. at Sun Harvest (through 3/24/10)

5. Wild Alaskan cod fillets, $3.97/lb. at Newflower (through 3/24/10)

And don't forget, Wednesday is double ad day at Sun Harvest, Newflower and Sprouts.

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