Saturday, March 27, 2010

Drank Up, Kids

Here's an interestingly sad piece of trash I found several days ago down the street from the middling middle school across from our house.

There's a new canned drink in town called "Lean," which is branded to emulate the purple-hued mixture of Sprite along with codeine and promethazine-laden prescription cough syrup that first came to prominence as a lifestyle acoutrement in the chopped and screwed wing of Houston's hip hop scene. The mixture was implicated in the deaths of both DJ Screw and Pimp C.

The text on the side of the can makes it clear that Lean is being marketed to "sippers of all ages." I don't have an problem with adults using recreational drugs so long as they don't drive, steal or pee on my lawn, but selling this faux-syrup to kids is the worst kind of cynical bottom-feeding.

Moreover, one of the "pharmaceutical grade herbs" contained in Lean is valerian root, which I take in small quantities to go to sleep at night. Melatonin and rose hips are also included. If that's the kind of buzz kids are looking for these days, they'd be better off in the vitamins and supplements aisle.

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Shean said...

Greg my son was telling me about it and we saw it being sold at the local KP. When I saw that Valerian root was part of it I went insane. I explained to him that Valerian root is a derivative of Valium giving in WWI to the solider to relax them. I hate Monsters, Red Bulls and such as they are legal speed now with this no wonder this generation is screwed up. Luckly Liam had no intention of drinking that shit or Monster's either.