Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fave Five Food Deals - 3/10/10

The spirit of St. Patrick is alive and well in this week's list of Austin's best grocery deals.

1. 5 lb. box of Cuties Mandarin oranges, $2.99 at Sprouts (through 3/17/10)

2. Rancher's Reserve boneless beef chuck pot roast, $1.88/lb.* at Randall's (through 3/16/10)

3. Strawberries, .99/lb. at Newflower (through 3/17/10)

4. Guinness Draft 4-packs, $4.99 at Central Market (through 3/16/10)

5. Safeway corned beef brisket, $1.99/lb.* at Randall's (through 3/16/10)

*You must present a Randall's Remarkable Card to get these prices. If you don't, they'll jack you like a hurricane price-gouger. I harbor considerable prejudice against stores that force you to use an affinity card to get their advertised price, but unlike most of Randall's "sale" prices, these two are hard to beat.

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