Thursday, March 20, 2008

U.S. Bowling Congress Moving to Texas

Finally, my socialized business incentive tax dollars at work for something I actually give a shit about!

Thanks to a $693,000 award from the Texas Enterprise Fund, the United States Bowling Congress has decided to move its headquarters from the Milwaukee suburb of Greendale, Wisc. to Arlington.

The USBC’s relocation is projected to bring 200 jobs and $13 million in capital investment to Texas. The USBC says its new $14 million complex on Six Flags Drive will include an “International Bowling Campus” complete with a 12-to-16 lane bowling equipment testing and training center.

The TEF claims to have helped projects that have brought more than 51,800 new jobs and $15.6 billion in capital investment to Texas. For its part, Arlington will roll in a 50 percent tax abatement on property improvements and a 50 percent rebate of all city hotel taxes generated through USBC-related events.

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greggae said...

I Can't believe it. There is just something right about Wisconsin, Schlitz, and Bowling.
I move out of the country leaving my quest to travel to the to the USBC headquarters unfulfilled and now they move to Texas. There is also something very right about them moving to Texas. Perhaps I will visit when I return.

I would also like it noted that I placed 2,698th in the USBC National bowling Tournament and received a paycheck for 54.30$ making me a professional bowler.

Much love,