Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dimassi's Buffet Coming to Austin

I had to run a work-related errand in Northwest Austin near the Travis/Williamson county line this morning and was inappropriately stirred after spying a banner announcing that Houston-based Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet will be opening a new location at the corner of 183 and Oak Knoll in the not-too-distant future.

Dimassi’s serves a wide array of Eastern Mediterranean staples like falafel, kebabs, hummus, tabbouleh, lamb, Greek salad and the like. You get all you want at lunch for about 12 bucks. If the Mediterranean diet promotes longevity, it stands to reason that eating lots of Mediterranean food will help you live even longer, right?

Best of all, the new Dimassi’s is going into the same strip mall as Mongolian Grille - a de facto buffet if you pile your plate tits high - creating the kind of buffet growth cluster (or “BGC,” as chamber of commerce-types call it) our fair city so desperately needs.


Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for the info! my office is near that intersection, and i love that place!! any news on an actual date they'll be open?

Greg said...

Not yet, but I'll pass it along if I hear of a firm opening date.

Stacey said...

Have you been to Alborz on Anderson/Mopac? They have an excellent lunch buffet too for about $8 with middle eastern and Mediterranean food. The ice cream with cardamom and rosewater is great too. Friday and Saturday night they have belly dancing.

Greg said...

I haven't been to Alborz in 3 or 4 years, but I do remember it being quite good (not to mention close by).

Anonymous said...

FYI, they just opened this Sunday.

I went last night and holy crap practically everything was delicious. I ended up gorging.

$11.99 for the dinner buffet.

I will most definitely be returning.

Also, I agree Alborz is also delicious. =)

Greg said...

Oh happy day! Thanks for the tip, anonymous.