Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Running Up to Dallas

I'm in Dallas for the next few days to observe focus groups for an social marketing project. After getting off to a very late start, I managed to make the 190-mile trek in under three hours. That's my personal best, kids.

The place where we're doing focus groups is an aging, vaguely futuristic office complex at 8700 N. Stemmons Fwy. just south of Regal Row. As I pulled up to the building, I got the distinct sense I'd seen this place before despite never having been there. The Seventies-era, atrium-style lobby with water features also looked familiar. It seemed like it would've been a premium place to office 35 years ago, but now the first floor is occupied by a branch of Family and Protective Services. Having social service agencies move in is usually a sure sign of going downmarket.

After the focus groups ended late this evening, I signed on to my nearby hotel's free wi-fi and started doing a little useless research as I'm wont to do whenever I need to be doing something else like finishing a job or going to sleep. As it turns out, the building in question was used as a location in the dystopic 1976 sci-fi romp, Logan's Run.

Fortunately, I remembered not to tell anyone I'm well over 30.

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Pat said...

The shiny new Hyatt w/ observ ation tower figured prominently, as did the inverted pyramid-style fountain in Ft Worth's dowtown park. Like Robocop, that too was supposed to launch DFW's film industry business. That worked out real well.