Monday, March 03, 2008

How 'Bout a Free Taco?

Whenever I stroll past the periodical rack at Central Market while on break from my government job, I like to pick up a copy of Tribeza magazine so I can keep up with the comings and goings of our town's increasingly affluent creative class and dream about how good life would be if I could only afford a condo at the Austonian, an inbred drop-kick dog and a transparent cigar fetish.

Given how far away I reside from Tribeza's target demographic, I was quite shocked to find an advertisement in the March issue that actually catered to my comparatively raggedy ass. I'm speaking of a coupon on page 47 for one free mahi mahi taco from Chango's. No purchase is necessary and the offer is good through April 30.

I think it speaks highly of my evolving urbanity that I did not grab an entire stack of the magazines, which leaves plenty for astute and frugal-minded readers of this here blog.


Andy said...

I LOVE Tribeza! Is it free again? Last time I tried to swipe one it was 3 bucks or something and I had to put it down.

Greg said...

They may list a cover price, but it's always free at Central Market. Either that or I've unwittingly become a shoplifter.