Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Make Your State Plate Great

The Texas Department of Transportation wants your help in picking out its new general-issue license plate design. You can vote here for one of five designs until noon on Monday, Feb. 11.

I liked Texas license plates better when they didn’t have a bunch of superfluous crap on them, but the current plate is particularly silly. A space shuttle with a giant American flag on the side appears to be landing on an oversized cowboy on horseback and some oil derricks. The design became bitterly ironic when Columbia exploded over Texas in 2003.

As long as we’re voting on these five treatments, I’ll pick the bluebonnets as a pastoral rejoinder to my fair state’s loathsome tendency toward macho dickdom.


Anonymous said...

I also like the translucent 3-D effect of "Natural Texas." "Traditional Texas" looks like a can of Lone Star, and the font on "New Texas" is hideous.

--Mike from The Crack Pipes

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a classic black and white plate like my maw and paw had.(on a much cooler car ta-boot!) evaughn