Tuesday, November 06, 2007

H-E-B Goes New Wave

When I was growing up, the only songs you heard at the grocery store were peppy canned instrumentals pseudo-scientifically designed to entice you into buying more foodstuffs.

During two lunchtime stops in as many days at the H-E-B at the corner of Burnet and Allandale, I've heard the following songs over the store's public address system:

I Wanna Be Sedated/Ramones
Making Plans for Nigel/XTC
Rock Lobster/B-52's

Since when did supermarket music and 101X's flashback lunch playlist become one in the same?


A Music Page said...

The answer lies in your immediately preceding post.

You may also be interested in the Guitar Center "Joe Strummer Authentic Distressed Telecaster"

Rantor said...

And that's the old people's H-E-B! I do think it's the H-E-B with the highest average age of shoppers.